Friday, June 5, 2015

OST, Where art thou?

The movie Premam is amassing both critical and mass appeal. I was sent a recording from the theater, of a particular piece of music played in the movie, over whatsapp. It’s an incredibly beautiful piece of music. It corresponds with the character Malar in the movie. The piece evokes the romance, the desire, the loss associated with Malar. Rajesh Murugesan! Thank you!

I wonder how a music director feels after creating such a beautiful piece of art! Truly blessed they are! I have been listening to the said piece on loop in spite of it being a recording from inside the movie hall. Am hoping the producers would release an official version of the tune soon.

Background music plays a really really important role in setting the mood and tone of the film. But very few tones make it to the music CD. Even A R Rahman’s bgm scores, in spite of them being acclaimed over the years, don’t make it to the CD. Mostly one tune, named ‘theme’, would be released but the others remain just as background to the main movie. Many fans rip these bgms from the movie DVDs and post it online and cater to the satiety of technologically inept music lovers like me.

But these pieces of music deserve more respect. It deserves to find an audience as complete works than as ‘dialogue fillers’. Hollywood movies release such tunes as part of their soundtrack. Well, of course they don’t have original songs like our movies do. But even our movies should release them. If releasing as part of the music CD is not feasible then at least online. The music director deserves that. The music deserves that.